Make a free website

Can you make a free website?

A question I get often asked is “Can make a free website yourself?” Would you like a quick answer to this question? Yes, you can build a website for free. Should you do it? No, definitely not. When you are first starting out with your business, you might not like to spend a whole lot of money. Having your website built for you can be expensive depending on what you would like it to do. But a totally free website isn’t something you should want to have. Not if you would like to be taken seriously in this online world. 

Why you shouldn't make a free website

When I am talking about make a free website, I am talking about absolutely free. You do not pay for anything. If you choose to do this, it isn’t possible to get your own domain name. So you would get a subdomain with a big website. It would say something like

Does that like someone who is serious about their business to you? Nope, not to me. And any search engine would agree with me. The possibility of ranking high on Google with a name like this is almost impossible. And you’ll probably have ads on your page from other companies. Those that are willing to invest in their business. Again, not something that should make your potential clients look at you with great admiration. 

What should you invest in when you build a website?

You might consider building a website for free because you think building a website is always very expensive. When you look at the costs, the start-up investment really isn’t that high. The minimum you should consider is buying your own domain name, which is for sale for like 10 dollars per year.

And you require a hosting company, a place where your website can live on the internet. I always like to work with hosting businesses that provide fast hosting and have a great support chat. Always handy when something doesn’t function the way you would like it to.

Creating your Biz works with Namehero for all their websites. When you first start out with your website, hosting costs you about 33 dollars a year. Then you almost make a free website. 

What's the next step for your website

When you’ve got your domain and web hosting you can start installing your website. I would highly recommend using WordPress. When you use hosting provider Namehero you can install this for free, WordPress sets you up for the future right away. You should always create for the future you are asking for, so think big. 

With WordPress, you can install templates that make the base of your website very easy to set up. Don’t be fooled here. You do not have to buy a 300 dollar theme to make things work. I love to use a page builder called Elementor Pro. This is an extra plugin and it allows you to build everything you like. The sky is the limit. 

Now, building your own website from scratch can be very overwhelming and very time-consuming when you have no experience in web development. To help you out with exactly that, we created a Build your own website course It helps you get through every step in designing your own perfect website. From branding to getting your page out there. You might like to check it out. 

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