Best website graphics maker

What is the best website graphics maker?

You’ve started your website or thinking about it, and you are wondering: What is the best website graphics maker that will brighten up the place? When you have a website, you’ll use graphics for everything. Your products, blog posts, videos, podcasts, etc. And you would like to design them with ease yourself, so you won’t have to ask someone else to do it, every time you need something done. This blog post is for you because graphic designing can even be fun if you know how to do it. 

How to choose a website graphics maker?

When it comes to graphic designing there are two very well-known programs. The first one is Adobe Photoshop. This is an amazing wide-ranged program full of possibilities. And I wouldn’t recommend it for the total beginner. It takes a lot of time and effort to really get to know Photoshop to get any good results out of it. 

The website graphics maker program I love to use is Canva. I am using this for all my designs and if you are designing for your own website it is perfect to use. . It is very user-friendly and with some basic skills, anyone can design with it. Check out my Canva course if you would like to develop your skillset with Canva

Start graphic designing with Canva

The best thing about Canva is you can totally start with a free account. You can keep the free account for an unlimited amount of time but if you are serious about your designs and you have decided you love to work with Canva, I would highly recommend switching to a Canva Pro account to use it as your website graphics maker. This will provide you with unlimited access to all the stock photos and graphics and you can easily resize your graphics to repurpose them for different types of social media for example. 

How to design graphics for your website

Once you have created your account, you come to your dashboard like the photo above. Then you can search for a document that you would like to create. Don’t see the size you are looking for? Then create a new project in custom size. 

Ontwerp zonder titel 38

Above here you see a new project that I just started. You can add one of the premade templates to it and customize them to your liking. Or you can start designing by adding in the elements, text, and colors. You can even add everything to your own branding of course.  

Would you like to know more about Canva? Then have a look at my Canva course here. Have fun designing! 

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