Meet Quirine Franken

My name is Quirine Franken and I am the person behind Creating your Biz. Never ever had I considered myself to be a technical person. I did like creativity though and I never knew well how I would express that creativity. Website creation and graphic design found me in some way. And I discovered it was actually something I like doing. It is such a beautiful way to help people get their businesses out in the world, help them fulfill their dreams by showing the world what they have to offer. 

I have always been more of an animal and nature lover. I actually owned my own equestrian business. But when my body started to develop all kinds of illnesses, I had to quit that dream. I went on a search for building different kind of revenue streams while still being able to do the things I loved. Let’s say, working with nothing but a laptop creates all kinds of freedoms if you like to have them. 

I learned more about designing and all the technical shizzle’s that come by running an online business, discovering that this is actually something I really loved to do. So I created this super fun business that lets me have the best of both worlds. And I get to invite others to do the same.

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